Monday, December 4, 2023
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Random Review

If you like to listen to good music then Vic Thompkins is one cd you should have.  I have been listening to songs done by Vic for some years now and have never been disappointed in his performance.  Some of my favorite songs were put out some years ago by Vic and both received great airplay on WSFT radio here in Thomaston.  We had “The Only Thing Going Was You” and “Dixie Without the USA” both in Heavy rotation for some time.  Most recently we
caught up with Vic again after some years and attended a performance Vic did at The Schrine Auditorium in Atlanta.  He was exceptionally great as well as his band and backup singers.  I have
never attended a better performance than put on by Vic Thompkins and his band VTO.  We continue to play Vic’s latest recordings now at WTGA in Thomaston.  We are an Adult Contemporary station and Vic’s music fits in well with what we play.  When at WSFT we
were a Country station and his music was perfect for that.  My point is, that Vic can sing anything from Country to Pop and all in between just give him a mic and let him sing.  Go Vic!  Keep up the good work.

Your friends at WTGA Radio (101.1) Thomaston, Georgia 30286.
Sylvia Winters and Bill Chapman


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